Genesis Exchange Review – Is GenesisExchange Scam or a Trusted Broker? ( review)

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Genesis Exchange Review

Genesis Exchange logoDo you think non-stop growth is possible when you become a trader? Yes, it is very much possible, but your success depends on your choice of trading platform. There are many online trading services providers today and most of them seem similar to each other. They try to be unique, but most of their features are identical. When there is one that stands out, you instantly get to recognize it. That’s what I have done and then decided to write this Genesis Exchange review.

Why does this broker stand out for me? The main reason I find this broker different and unique is that it offers you non-stop growth once you sign up with it. What does that really mean you may ask? You will surely find the answer in my Genesis Exchange review.

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A List of Many Accounts

So, your growth as a trader would stop if you could only trade with a specific set of features. It does happen when you sign up with brokers that don’t have account types to offer. All they have is a platform, which they give access to when you make an initial deposit.

This deposit amount is the same for everyone that signs up with them. However, the signup amount can be different for each trader that signs up with broker. When you sign up with this company, you can to pick one account from a list of many. Each account on this list is different from those around it based on its deposit amount and features.

So, if you are on a budget, GenesisExchange broker will let you begin with a basic trading account. However, once you have traded enough and accumulated profits, you can also go with other advanced trading accounts.

Training Goes from Basic to Professional

This is the place where you will love your training as well. This platform is quite unique for its trading education that doesn’t stop anywhere. If you wish to keep growing your trading knowledge, you are surely not going to be disappointed on this platform.

The company has done a great job of providing you with plenty of basic trading courses and lessons. In fact, if you look at the eBooks, they contain a lot of basic information about trading. However, you can always go for something more complex and advanced.

You will be happy to know that webinars and one-on-one training sessions discuss crypto trading a lot. Many traders join online platforms for crypto trading and Genesis Exchange broker will make that dream of yours come true on its platform. It will teach you everything about this market before you start trading in it.

The Platform That Keeps Getting Better

I have to admit that trading platform is getting better with time. There was a time when you had trading softwares you could use only on your computer. With this trading platform, you can go on and trade on your tablets, smartphones, and even laptops.

You don’t have to be geographically located in a specific place to use this platform. Accessing this platform is possible through any major browser because you just have to open the website of the broker.

I love how new features are coming to GenesisExchange trading platform with time. You can automate your trades to a certain point on this platform by using take-profit and stop-loss techniques. Furthermore, it is becoming compatible with more devices as time passes.

Genesis Exchange trading platform

Referral and Loyalty Bonuses

There should be no doubt in your mind that bonuses and perks can be quite exciting for traders. These things connect them with their brokers on a completely different level. I love the fact that Genesis Exchange trading platform offers bonuses in multiple forms.

You get a bonus as soon as you sign up with it. Secondly, you get rewards when you keep trading on the platform for many months and years. These rewards have been labeled as loyalty points by the broker.

Furthermore, you have referral bonuses that you can earn when you recommend the platform to your friends. You can always call the company to know about the affiliate program as well.

Is Genesis Exchange Scam or Legit?

Do I think an online broker would help traders grow non-stop? Yes, but only when it is honest with its traders. An illegitimate broker disappears as soon as it gets your money. On the other hand, this broker is being a long-term trading plan for traders from around the world. I trust it.

Final Thoughts

As a trader, you will have to learn to make long-term goals and aim to achieve them. It’s amazing how easy that becomes when you choose the right broker. That’s exactly what I wish you would do when you have read my entire Genesis Exchange review. I think this broker is doing quite a few things right for traders that sign up with it.


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