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Axie Infinity (AXS): Monthly Player Count Dips to Lows Not Witnessed Since Nov. 2020

The P2E game Axie Infinity saw its monthly player count plunging to lows never witnessed since November 2020. That came after the project recorded NFT sales worth approximately $4.26 billion. Meanwhile, AXS, the platform’s native coin, seems unbothered with the lower gamer count, gaining around 62% against the USD over the past 30 days.

AXS Surges 62% Despite Extended Monthly Player Decline

The NFT-based video game network Axie Infinity once boasted millions of gamers per month, hitting the 2.87 million peak in January 2022 ( data). However, as we cruise towards the end of January, the previous 30 days show 432,001 average players on month-to-date.

December 2022 had 468,805 players; lows never surfaced in more than two years – since November 2020. Axie Infinity held 2 million monthly gamers for eight months, from October 2021 to May 2022.

Meanwhile, the metric slumped to 958,044 after May’s sessions – 1,202,210 less than the past month. The following four months saw Axie’s 30day player index beyond 700,000. However, November 2022 dips saw the same, plunging to 556,058.

Also, 2022’s final month and the initial month of this year recorded dismal numbers. However, in the context of ATH NFT sales, Sky Mavis’ project registered $4.26N in overall NFT sales, surpassing leading NFT collections such as Atomicmarket, Rarible, X2Y2, Looksrare, and Magic Eden.

According to CryptoSlam’s data, Axie’s Ronin chain sales increased 41% within the past thirty days, more than the previous month. Ronin’s sales within the last 30 days were 41,418,843, and Ronin ranked 9th in monthly sales in January.

Meanwhile, AXS saw impressive performance this month, with a 62% 30d surge against the dollar. Additionally, 14-day stats show AXS gained 67% against the USD. While writing this article, the alt traded in the $8.95 – $11.84 range, surging 24% during Sunday’s final action.

AXS ranks 42 in the crypto market cap, with $1.31 billion in valuation. Though the latest uptick, AXS remained lower from its unit high of $164 on 6 November 2021, staying 93% dip. The P2E game has its player count substantially lower than other competitors.

For example, data indicates that Overwatch 2 had its active monthly player metric near 23 million over the past month and 23M in December 2022.

Also, Call of Duty had the average monthly gamer index at 58,502,111 over the last month and 58,001,154 in December 2022. Axie Infinity’s numbers remain a fraction in that context. For instance, Axie’s December 2022 monthly player number was around 0.81% of the average monthly player figures by Call of Duty.

What are your views about Axie Infinity and AXS in the coming times, considering the monthly player dip? You can leave your replies in the section below.


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