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IMPT ICO Raises Over $15 Million With Only Four Days Left Before Presale Ends

Carbon-offsetting platform IMPT sets its token listing price at $0.025, 9% above the final presale price. The news comes four days before the fundraising for the project ends. In just two months, IMPT raised over $15 million, with $300,000 of this amount raised in the past 24 hours.

IMPT CEO Denis Creighton wrote on the platform’s discord server that in addition to listings already agreed with centralized exchanges like Changelly and LBank and decentralized exchange Uniswap, IMPT is working on listing its token to an additional seven Exchanges.

How to buy IMPT Token at Presale Price

Those who wish to take advantage of the presale price should connect their crypto wallet at and buy IMPT with USDT or ETH. Buyers without any crypto in their wallets can buy the token using a card securely on the IMPT platform.

IMPT token price was $0.017 in the first presale stage and $0.022 in the current second presale stage. Analysts expect the token price to surge at the launch, with gains of 9x being predicted. Additionally, Creighton has emphasized that IMPT is not a pump-and-dump coin.

Tokens allocated for the third stage of the presale will be locked and vested for a year. It is important to note that investors taking part in the IMPT presale are not subject to any vesting. Creighton says that the locking and vesting will support “Use Case 3,” which refers to discounts when using IMPT to shop through its affiliate shopping program.

Amazon Joins Other Retailers in IMPT Affiliate Shopping Program

The IMPT platform has continued to sign various retailers to its affiliate shopping program, which lets businesses and consumers acquire carbon credits to offset their footprints. IMPT seeks to partner with over 9,000 retailers by launch time. Some retailers already on board include popular tech names like Samsung and e-commerce giant Amazon.

When one shops using the IMPT platform, the participating retailer donates a percentage of the purchase money to a vetted green project. The platform also has a marketplace where businesses and consumers can retire their carbon credits in return for a unique tradable NFT or choose to hold them as an investment.

Creighton acknowledges the current harsh market conditions but assures the investors of his team’s commitment to making IMPT a successful platform that provides a simple and effective way for every member of society to contribute to combating climate change.


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