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Ripple (XRP/USD): Bulls to Dominate the Next 24Hrs

  • Ripple presents a bullish picture today.
  • The remittance token’s immediate resistance stands at $0.95.
  • Overnight sessions saw consolidations.

Ripple’s price analysis reveals bullish moves for the day as analysts expect XRP to print an additional higher low, translating to another upward action during the weekend. After that, the remittance token will form a new high and target the resistance zone at $0.80 – $0.81.

While publishing this content, XRP trades at $0.7296, following a 1.63% surge over the past few days. Moreover, the cross-border transaction coin has seen lucrative actions over the past couple of days, surging from $0.68 to levels beneath $0.73 yesterday before witnessing profit-booking.

According to the 4hr chart, XRP/USD saw a massive upward move yesterday, touching the $0.7269 highs before a slight drop following rejection. The alt has consolidated in the $0.7000 – $0.7250 since then.

The consolidations seem to continue as the market shows a developing bullish flag setup. That shows that the altcoin exhibits more upside momentum, and XRP might register another high low, triggering another upward price move during the weekend.

Such developments will see Ripple forming a new peak and target the resistance at $0.80 – $0.81. Overcoming this hurdle will see the remittance crypto climbing higher to $0.90. As mentioned earlier, the alt has consolidated overnight, trading around $0.7200. Bulls seem to boast what it takes to overpower these price levels, climbing to hit the upside targets.

Downside moves will meet the support at $0.6850. Breaking beneath this level might see XRP dropping back towards $0.60 in the near term.

Ripple 4Hr Timeframe: XRP Climbing Higher?

The 4hr chart shows the altcoin consolidating with a bullish flag setup. That highlights upside momentum, and XRP might establish another higher low, leading to price upsurges over the weekend. That way, XRP/USD will set another high and aim the resistance at $0.80 – $0.81. Success here will clear the road to the upside value area of $0.90.

Final Thought

Ripple price outlook reveals a bullish picture as the remittance token printed high lows and higher highs within the past couple of days. That way, XRP awaits an upward move this weekend, possibly hitting the resistance at $0.80.


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