Talos and Bybit Collaborate to Extend Digital Asset Services

The world’s third-largest virtual asset service provider, Bybit, has reported an amazing collaboration with the premier institutional crypto trading service provider, Talos. The cooperation consolidates Bybit power and Talos’s unique exchange network solutions, enabling entrée to various virtual assets and best-in-market business solutions.

The cooperation will allow Bybit to modernize entrée for organizations seeking to be involved in the crypto industry through the Talos platform. In addition, this new partnership will support real-time liquidity, upgrading the customer’s experience on Bybit’s platform.

By far, Bybit is the only consolidated virtual and digital asset service provider to witness a steady increase in market share throughout the previous year, securing the number two position in perpetual and futures trading several times.

At the beginning of this year, Bybit registered its highest share in these derivative markets at almost fifteen percent. These steps have cemented the company’s position as one of the best virtual and digital asset service providers for organizational investors worldwide.

The company’s success is due to its vital organizational services comprising high power systems, unified trading accounts, specialized loans, API capabilities, and attempts to establish a brand that can be trusted with a dedication to security and real-time proof-of-reserves supported by a purpose-built Merkle Tree.

Bybit and Talos Operations

Designed by the same developers that developed some of the most famous platforms in capital markets, Talos’s highly advanced network provides professional services ranging from payment channels to trading services.

Their services are available directly or via white-label partners all around the globe, from APAC to EMEA. Thus, the platform is trusted by many due to its security and expert services.

The chief executive officer and the co-founder of Bybit announced that Bybit acknowledges the demand for upgrading trading solutions demanded by the growing organizational institutions in their attempts to venture into the crypto industries and facilitate growth opportunities in the sector.

He continued and showed gratitude for the partnership with Talos to launch faster, more reliable, safer, and more secure access to digital and virtual asset investments. The company is putting in relentless efforts to provide the best opportunities globally.

This cooperation will allow us to provide the innovation required for smooth and easy trading activities and fill the gap between organizational investors and virtual currency protocols.

The co-founder and chief executive officer of Talos, Anton Katz, purported that the cooperation with Bybit enables us to expand our service potential for users further, offering them alternative options to transact and exchange tokens with the leading destinations in the crypto world.

He continued and emphasized that they are also seeking to expand their connectivity as a company via smart cooperations like the one currently in existence with Bybit. The collaboration offers our customers a wider range of service operations to facilitate quality, breadth, and depth across their trade operations.

Crypto-Triggered Struggles

A sensible portion of the United States virtual asset company faces a risk of collapse due to the fall of several major crypto exchange companies. Silvergate, a United States firm offering banking services to exchanges like Kraken, Coinbase, and FTX, is now on the verge of collapsing since it has been struggling to regain its financial status and simultaneously trying to pay off its loans.


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