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The Parliament of India Discusses Crypto Regulations & Exchange Investigations

The Indian government has been in constant progress in regulating cryptocurrency. That follows the alarming rate of acceptance by the citizens. But on the other hand, regulation of these assets demands international cooperation to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

Because crypto assets are decentralized, this requires global assistance to avoid illegitimate investment. The enforcement agency, an integrative body in charge of looking into crimes of money concealment and transgressions of forex laws, is scrutinizing multiple crimes associated with crypto treachery. In many of these crimes, some crypto traders are involved in money concealment.

Furthermore, some crypto traders have been scrutinized for not abiding by services and goods tax (GST) and seized, a number of them under scrutiny, although four cases have been closed. Presently, Crypto assets are still uncontrollable in India, plus the government does not record crypto trades.

In addition, India is holding talks over the intensity at which money is concealed and illegal funding via crypto. The minister of finance discloses that the government intends to request assistance from other countries in advancing its crypto regulations. The G20 countries seek to construct a strategy agreement on crypto assets for greater universal policing.

Crypto Market Outlook

Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency industry has continued to struggle since the FTX-triggered crash. Bitcoin hovers beneath $17K during this writing, changing hands at $16,820, following a 1.25% uptick within the previous day.

Most cryptos saw impressive 24hr gains, though the past hour saw prices sliding. Bears remain persistent, and further declines could follow. Nevertheless, market experts trust the crypto industry is here to stay.

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